Preschool Policies

A complete set of preschool policies can be found in the 2023–24 Parent Policies handbook.
A few of the policies that parents need the most often have been spelled out below for your convenience.


8:00 – 8:50 AM   Morning Extended Care available in child’s classroom with an executed Extended Care Agreement .

 8:50 – 9:00 AM  Drop-off

12:50 –1:00 PM  Pick-up for children in half-day program.

3:50 – 4:00 PM  Pick-up for children in full-day program.

4:00 – 6:00PM   Afternoon Extended.

Care available on a limited basis with an executed Extended Care Agreement.
Aftercare educators may not be the same as those with your children throughout
the day.

Drop-off and Pick-up

Drop-off and pick-up happen at your child’s classroom door. You may park anywhere in the garage, but aisles C and D offer the safest access to the preschool staircase.

Be sure your Preschool Parking card is visible on the driver’s side of your dashboard; otherwise, you may be asked to stop, sign in and show ID.


If you leave your child beyond scheduled pick-up time, you will be charged a late charge of $1.00 per minute for the first 10 minutes and $2.00 per minute for any additional minutes. This applies for services beyond 1:00 PM for half-day program and 4:00 PM for full-day program (depending on your grouping). We CANNOT keep children beyond 4:00 PM unless you have an executed extended care


If your child has allergies to any foods, please notify the teachers directly & include in enrollment forms. If your child is highly allergic (especially to wheat products) you may want to leave a stash of non- perishable snacks for them with the teachers.


We provide nutritious mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks, which are rotated so that there is variety. Snacks are prepared and served in individual portions, not family style. We serve organic, seasonal, locally grown fruits and vegetables, and use whole grain, trans fat free products whenever possible in accordance with our W.I.S.H. (What’s in Season Here) program.

  • Beverages are usually milk or water.
  • We have a no candy and no chewing gum policy.
  • Children are invited to eat from the bounty of our organic garden. This will always be done under the supervision of an educator.


Children should bring lunch in a lunch box with their name clearly visible on the outside by the handle. We are happy to heat up any items in your child’s lunch
box, but they must be in a container that can go into the microwave.

  • Parents are allowed to send meals that include meat, provided there are no pork products, shellfish, or mixing of dairy and meat in the same lunch box.
  • The school policy is that children may NOT bring NUTS or NUT PRODUCTS in their lunch.
  • There are sometimes children in the classrooms with extreme food allergies . If this allergies are life threatening, your teachers may ask you not to send certain foods in your child's lunch box to avoid possible exposure.
  • We have a no candy and chewing gum policy. If candy shows up in a child's lunch, a note will be sent home with the candy/gum reminding you of our policy.
  • Children may not share food items for their own lunch with other children.


Children should dress comfortably, simply and suitably for the warm summer weather. Children should wear clothes that facilitate independence in toilet use. Dresses and tights are often limiting for both bathroom and playground activities and are not recommended.

  • Children should wear clothes that can get dirty.
  • Closed-back shoes or shoes with a strap around the back of the ankle that allow children to run freely on the playground are required for safety.
  • Clothing should be sturdy and durable for outdoor play.
  • A few extra sets of clothing (well labeled) including underwear, socks, pants and shirt should be left at school permanently in case of accidents.
  • A sweater or a jacket at school is recommended.
  • A bathing suit is also needed (your teacher may suggest days to include this, or you may leave one at school).
  • A sun hat with a wide brim is recommended (we spend a LOTS of time outside).
  • Please label all clothing prominently with your child's name.

Parent Community Association (PCA)

The OFJCC Leslie Family Preschool Parent Community Association strives to create a community that feels connected and collaborative. All parents are members of the PCA regardless of financial contribution.

Parents may volunteer, participate and donate in ways that feel meaningful to them including:

  • Raising funds and recruiting volunteers for school and parent activities.
  • Creating program to build community and enhance children's school experiences.
  • Supporting and showing appreciation for teachers and staff.
  • Becoming a Room Parent to help in the classroom and serve as a liaison to their child's class for school news and PCA events.

To learn more about getting involved with the PCA, you may reach out to our Director of Family Engagement, Tamara Prizant at